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Agape Gospel Tent Revival Ministries
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John 7:37-38 If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. 39(But this spake he of the Spirit,which they that believe on him should receive:for the Holy Ghost was not yet given;because that Jesus was not yet glorified.) 

This is a picture of our tent we use for tent revivals.
We have opened a new Church at Shiloh.
Shiloh Agape Gospel Church
The church is located on Ripley county road NN1
4 miles from Grandin, Missouri
service on Sundays at 2---4 pm.  Friday night at 6 pm is our ministers training program.


This is the word from the Lord, given to me in 1970.  "They are going to take your Bible away from you. They are going to make new bibles. They will say, "These new bibles are written in modern English. They are easier to read and to understand. We will have the same word. We'll be in one mind and one accord."
The next morning I went to visit our Pastor to tell him what the Lord had shown me.  Before I could tell him what God shown me about the new bibles.  my Pastor told me about a dream God had given him that night. And he said, "In my dream, my wife and I went to a big up town church. The place was full except for two seats and my wife and I set in them. As the service began the preacher in charge said, "We have something special for you all tonight. We are going to take your old bibles and give you a new one. These new bibles are written in modern English. They are easier to read and to understand. We will have the same word. We'll be in one mind and one accord." Men came in and started handing out the new bibles. As they handed out the new ones , they took the Authorized King James Version Bibles away from the people. When the men came me, I wouldn't give them my King James bible. I awoke from the dream fighting those men for my Bible."

We have joined   Bible Way Association. I am an Ordained Minister with Bible Way Association 
Agape Gospel Mimistries is a charter Ministry of
Bible Way Association

We now offer Training for young Ministers in the Tent Ministry, With on hands training in the tent
for more information please e-mail us at  or you can write us at  Agape Gospel Ministries  P.O. Box 991 Doniphan, Missouri 63935

Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce ourselves and highlight our mision.
Agape Gospel Tent Revival Ministries
Rev. Bob Owings
We do Tent Revivals and Camp Meetings. 
We have a 38'X 62' tent that will seat about 100 people. 
Our Mission is to Preach the word of God to all that will listen. we use only the Authorized King James Version Holy Bible to preach and teach the word of God to lost souls to win them to Jesus Christ.  This means that we invite all Churches and the un-Churched folks to our meetings. 
Our prayer is that souls will be saved and that the local Churches will provide a place for the new converts to grow in Christ. 
We are presently working in the four state area of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennesee. 
We welcome all Questions and Prayer Requests at the e-mail or "snail mail" address provided on our Contact Page.
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           100 folding chairs            
           a truck to pull the tent trailer       

All Donations and gifts to Agape Gospel Ministries are tax deductable

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